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, | Unfiltered | June 4, 2023

In France, when you lost/find an thing in town, the lost and found service are often (always?) managed by the municipal police.

One day, having lost my French health insurance card, I call the lost and found service.
Contact person: municipal police, hello
Me : oh sorry I got the wrong number, I wanted the lost and found service.
Contact person: ah don’t worry, when their line is busy it rings at us.
Me: uh okay
Contact person: However, there is nothing we can do about lost and found things, can you call back in a few minutes?

So clearly nothing to say about the police, he was very friendly and later I had the Lost and Found service and the employee was also very friendly but who decided to forward the calls to someone who could do nothing? especially in a police station where there are much more urgent calls.

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