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, | Unfiltered | June 3, 2023

I was working at a school. And this was in a problematic environment. Due to the war in Syria between Russian and USA there where a lot of refugees. so half of the children had nothing. Well, they had clothes. And as in all Swedish schools the food, education and healthcare is free. But when others had nice bicycles and phones and whatnot. They had not. So at closing time a child comes up to me and tell me that another child tock his new bicycle, and points me to the other child and bicycle. The bicycle is neon green, the same collour as the alert markings the electric company uses on the road when digging occurs. So I ask the other child.
-Is this your bicycle?
-Has it always been green?
-The tires also?
-and the saddle?
-The paint under the saddle is still wet, was it wet when you took it from this other guy to?
So i ask the other child.
Do you want your bicycle back?
-No, not now when it is green.

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