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I’ve never really gotten into video games, either as a child or an adult, so while I don’t think they’re beneath me or anything, I just don’t really understand them. I’m also generally a serious person and not overly emotive, which my family and I joke about (e.g.; “I’m an unfeeling monster” when a sentimental part of a movie doesn’t outwardly affect me).

My husband is more expressive, and does like video games. He plays different ones with our kids, which is a fun bonding experience for them. Recently he and our oldest have been working through a particular game and they just finished a difficult portion of it. My oldest told me excitedly, “Mom, we found an alien and helped hatch her eggs but then SHE DIED.”

Not really sure what significance that had to the rest of the game and being admittedly distracted by my task at hand, I only said, “Oh.”

She rolled her eyes and turned to my husband and said, “Dad, it’s too bad Mom doesn’t have feelings, isn’t it?”

I DO have this feeling: I love her!

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