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Just before lockdown, i took my girlfriend out for a short break for her birthday.
She deserved it, amongst everything else, she had been exhausting herself with her best friend, someone she had known for years , a nice person but a user of people and frankly a drain on society.

A few days before we left, her friend was messaging her. She wanted to borrow money (again), having just paid for the holiday and needing some spending cash, we had to refuse and told her why. She seemed to accept this but expressed no interest in her birthday or holiday.

We left, spent two days at the hotel, then I arranged a nice meal on her birthday, about an hour before, my girlfriend notices several missed calls and a few messages.

Girlfriend: ugh , (friend) has been trying to get hold of me. I will ring her.

Me: please don’t, we have to get to the restaurant.

Girlfriend: it might be important.

Me: it has never been important, she want money to go out and smoke who knows what and drink.

Girlfriend: she might want to wish me a happy birthday.

Me: call her, but please don’t be disappointed.

(She calls her friend while I get ready, its not long before she returns.)

Me: ..so

Girlfriend: you were right, she wanted money and you will never guess what.

Me: go on

Girlfriend: she wanted to use her house to host a party. Some sort of sales party.

Me: but we said we were away

Girlfriend: she didn’t seem to think that was important.

Me: to much to ask if she wished you a happy birthday?

Girlfriend: I think I’m just going to ignore her for a few days.

(We went out and had a great meal, although dampened by her friend. She did get a birthday card through the door almost a week late, but the damage had been done.)

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