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Background: I work retail as a cashier in our curbside and delivery department. The store name includes the word pharmacy although we do sell other things, and we’re very well known in our area. To get through to our phone line you have to go through a directory menu and select the department you need. Our business name is clearly listed in the menu.
My coworker is on the phone with a customer and having difficulty understanding him, so she passes the phone off to me. Right away I hear a lot of noise in the background, and notice that the caller has a distinct accent.
Me: (My name) speaking, how can I help you?
Caller: What kind of business is this?
Me: …A pharmacy.
Caller: And what is the name of the business?
Me: *Instantly understanding and slightly incredulous* Sir, you called /us/. You should know our name.
Silence for a moment.

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