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(This happened when I was 15 or so. My mom hid something of mine in her desk. I think it was a game that she thought I’d been playing with too much. Anyway I was mad and so I started searching through her things for it, and found the locked new desk. It wasnt there before. )

Mom: “What’re you doing here?? Don’t mess up my stuff!”

Me: “You hid my game so I’m looking for it! I’m not hurting anyone by playing with it, you’ve no right to take my things!”

Mom: “Well you should be studying. Your grades are only Cs!”

Me: “So what, your other kid’s dropped out, you should be grateful! Unlock this desk now!”

Mom: “No and you’ll never get the key, let that be a lesson!” *smirks*

(I turn my attention back to the desk, it’s old model so I grab a paper clip nearby and start jiggling it in the keyhole, hoping for some luck.)

Mom: “Hey, dont break my—” *splutters*

(The keyhole clicked and the drawer sprung open . Sure enough, my game was in there. I took it and closed the drawer. Mom’s jaw was dropped. )

Mom: “Why you! Picking my lock!!”

Me: “Don’t take my stuff ever again.”

(I left and hid my game so she wouldn’t find it again. Later I heard Mom complain to my dad that she needed a new desk because it was too easy to break into.)

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