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*My first job out of college was a helpdesk engineer/Tier 1 support for a small 3rd party IT company. Super small, like in the time I worked there, I think we got up to ten employees total. For some reason, the owner couldn’t remember my name the first little bit I was there, so he started calling me Heidi (my name is nothing anywhere close to Heidi). He did finally remember my name but he’d call me Heidi whenever he felt like being a pain. Luckily, I’m highly sarcastic and would through stuff back or ignore him. This interaction happened just after we’d gotten a new guy. I’m sitting at my desk and the owner starts yelling.*

Owner: Heidi! You out there? Can you come to my office?

Me: *I’d heard him, but I was finishing a couple tickets and was mostly ignoring him; I’d sort of half grunted in response/acknowledgement but he probably wouldn’t have heard as he wasn’t really close to my desk.*

Owner: Heidi, I’ve got a question for you!

New coworker: *leans over* Who the f*** is Heidi?!

Me: *chuckling* That’d be me. *Cue coworker looking super confused and I just laugh some more as I get up* I’ll explain later.

*Owner was just trying to get me to confirm a couple of things I’d been working on.*

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