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My employer’s directory lists employees by their full legal name . . . For instance: Jones, Forsythe P. or Andrews, Archibald A. Email addresses used the same format, too.

This isn’t too bad in most cases, but with Jughead Jones or someone who uses their middle name, it’s a headache.

I had to write work orders that included listing everyone who needed to be consulted . . . after a series of rounds involving people informing me that someone who was already on the list must be added immediately, and insulting me for not including them, I took to listing them as “Forsythe P. “Jughead” Jones <phone number>.”

Problem solved, right? . . . WRONG!

At least once a week I got an irate phone call for having the wrong people, for not having the right people, or for including the extraneous information of the nickname . . . and at least once a month a call managing to complain about all three in one call!

OTOH, my bosses at the time would ask me about it (sometimes – later I also learned they were also blowing off a lot of callers!) and then tell me and the caller that I was doing the right thing.

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