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(I’m the author of “Working with some people Is a curse”. It’s still me and this… peculiar coworker at this industry site. I have Just finished marking the (possibly) faulty parts in a piece of equipment, erring on the side of caution because i know another company Will re-test to confirm the results with a different method.
The young technicians from the other Company do their own tests and i, being curious, assist. I soon realize something’s iffy. Briefly, they’re confirming all my findings, even the dubious ones, riding on the coattails of our own inspection and forcing the customer to do a lot of unnecessary repairs. I don’t like this sloppy, costly, unprofessional approach one bit. Fortunately, at some point the customer realises what’s going on and sends the technicians packing. My special colleague managed to be physically present during the entire business and not realize a thing, despite me using him as a soundboard for most of the time. As we’re diving to the hotel at the end of the day, he’s diving and talking or rather thinking out loud)
Coworker: “…Fine people, really. Never a problem. Helpful, nice… Fine people. All of them.”
Me: “Really? Even those slackers from [Other Company]?”
Coworker (sucking in his breath in complete Surprise): “Why would you Say that, what happened? They were alright.”
(I explain – again – how the technicians were making sure their inspection would be ‘flawless’, albeit very costly for the customer. My coworker grins knowingly,)
Coworker: “Yeah, of course they would do that. They’re Sly… but very fine people. All of them.”
(This was Just one of a series of interactions with the guy that left me feeling dumber every time.)

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