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(I am a dining server at an assisted-living facility. I am in the middle of serving a resident when this takes place.)

Me: Here’s your meal. Enjoy!

Resident: Thank you.

(I begin to walk away when she calls me back to the table).

Me: Can I help you?

Resident: Yes, can I have some cheese?

Me: …Cheese?

Resident: Yes, just a few slices. I need it.

Me: Uh…sure, I’ll be right back.

(I run into the kitchen and tell my supervisor what she wanted.)

Supervisor: That isn’t the weirdest request we’ve had. (To Cook) Can you put a few slices of cheese on a plate please?

(The cook hands me a plate with three slices of cheese. I wrap it in foil and bring it to the resident.)

Resident: (places it on her walker) Ah, perfect. Thank you!

Me: (as she walks away) …You’re welcome.

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