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, | Unfiltered | May 17, 2023

I work in a meat department. girl customer (she’s physically a woman but not grown up) asks for chicken wings. I go to grab them out of the case and she yells “NOT THOSE. Do you have any more in the back?”

Since we’re non-Union, I have to go into the cooler and check. Sadly, we do have more in the cooler. I bring the case out and get ready to dish them out. boy customer (he’s physically a man but not grown up) says “Change your gloves. You just touched the door handle to the cooler with them on.”

Sadly I have to comply because we are non-Union. Customer calls me by my name and says “I appreciate it.”

No, she didn’t appreciate it. If these overgrown children had ever worked grocery they would understand and not be so picky. The wings in the case were the same date as the ones in the cooler so she gained nothing except her power fantasy. It’s too bad I have a credit card bill to pay off.

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