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So, Its been several months since one of the most basic Covid safety rule was put in place. Stay 2m apart.

It seems like some people are incredibly slow learners.

Queuing at my local grocery store I felt someone brush the back of my jacket, I turned around to face a family of three Mum, Dad and adult daughter (Mum is wearing a mask but not over her nose). They are standing less that a foot away from me. I asked them politely ‘Please can you take a step back, you’re standing a little close’.

I was immediately met with hostility from the Mum telling I cant make her do anything, how dare I ask them to move back and who do you think you are

Luckily a space at the till opened up and I was able to move away while telling them that the rules were there for a good reason.

She then started complaining to the security guard who was there to direct people to tills about what I had asked them. He told them that they were standing too close to him and to move back.

I wish they could have seen my smug grin.

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