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Used to work in a well-known furniture store in the UK. We had a very fussy customer who could also become quite unpleasant to deal with who decided to purchase a brand new 3 piece suite (sofa and two easy chairs). She went for a decent quality one with soft fabric upholstery, had it delivered and came in the day after delivery with a complaint – “there are creases in the material after I’ve sat in it”.

Upon inspection, this was a soft acrylic material stretched over the interior cushion as per normal upholstery methods. Explained – “Oh yes, these are Comfort Creases and perfectly normal. If the material wasn’t allowed to move the material would split at the seams, so these are normal, caused by the heat of your body and will disappear overnight if you smooth the material over with your hand when you finish using it and are going to bed. The warmth of the room will help”.

Reply – “no I don’t want that suite now I don’t like the creases”. Store Manager decides to allow her to choose an alternative – same result.

Third one now and guess what – the same result. Comes into the store expecting a fourth suite and I get landed with the job of sorting out something for her. After touring the store (five stories, two of them upholstery), we are both getting frustrated with one another and totally fed up with the situation.

Eventually after listening to more incessant moaning about creases I’m afraid my frustration got the better of me – “I’ll tell you what you ought to buy that will never crease when you sit on it – a park bench!!!” Needless to say this did not go down at all well.

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