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, | Unfiltered | May 15, 2023

Due to a few mental health issues including PTSD, anxiety and depression, i am generally somewhat sensitive to loud noises. When my stress levels are high and/or I get triggered it gets even worse. My mother, whom I currently live with thanks to the current health crisis, knows that and has seen me have panic attacks and the sort- she’s basically seen me at my worst, mentally, and she has some issues and a therapist herself so technically she gets it. or should.

Anyways, since gyms are closed at the moment my mother decides for us to go on bike rides regularly and then for nordic walking.
I’m not as excited as she is, I’ve never tried it before however I simply cannot really relax during walks the way I can while riding a bike because my anxiety makes sure I watch every single step I make so that I don’t trip or step in anything. Getting 2 sticks on top of my 2 feet to watch out for doesn’t sound great to me.

It’s even worse though. Turns out the noise of the sticks as they hit concrete is close enough to a sound that triggers me, and since my stress levels have been higher these times the noise seems almost unbearably loud to me, I am flinching with every little tap tap and after 10 minutes I’m close to tears. My mother notices that I’m not as energetic as she is, and asks me what’s wrong. I tell her honestly since she knows how my brain can be sometimes. Instead of being understanding though, she hits me with this gem of advice: “Well. You gotta power through!”

Somehow this didn’t miraculously cure my problem and that walk was most likely the most miserable hour of my life this year. Thanks Mum.

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