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Last summer, after my aunt got married, my cousins stayed with us for 2 weeks while my aunt and uncle went on their honeymoon. It was fine because the oldest cousin is the same age as my youngest sister (11) and they both get along fairly well. The younger cousin (8) has the right combination of imagination, absent mindedness, and patience to be able to entertain herself for periods of time, plus my other sister (15) and I (18) enjoy spending time with her because she’s the only other person in the family who appreciates our collection of board and card games. This is the cousin who uses crutches due to congenital nerve and muscle issues in her right leg meaning she can’t really use it.
On one occasion, it was raining rather heavily, so I took advantage of a 1 hour reprieve to walk the dog in the park. My cousin insisted on tagging along, which I had no objection to. In the park, we passed a gazebo and I saw someone rather familiar. It was my sister’s girlfriend. I took a photo to show my sister later, but [Girl 1], my sister’s girlfriend, saw me and started towards me. Her makeout partner followed.
Me: Hello, [girl 1]
Girl 2: Oh my god! I love your shirt! What sort of animal is that?
Cousin: (excitedly) It’s a terror bird. They used to live in South America and they’d hunt horses and sloths and stuff…
They continued having a conversation about prehistoric birds while [girl 1] and I sort of just stood there awkwardly.
Girl 1: I’m going to deny it, you know
Girl 2: Wait… deny what?
Me: I took a picture. She’s going to try to deny that she’s been cheating on my sister.
Girl 2: Cheating? You’ve been cheating on me?
Girl 1: Well, who are you going to believe? Me or some random scruffy hobo man, his useless crippled monkey, and some mangy dog.
(My cousin did actually pick up on the fact she was being insulted, unlike last time https://notalwaysright.com/you-run-into-some-real-animals-at-the-zoo/218033/)
Girl 2: You’re cheating on me and insulting my brother?
Girl 1: I didn’t insult your brother, I insulted [my sister]’s brother… oh shit.
Girl 2: You did insult my little brother, he has CB, and he’s going to be disappointed you called him a ‘useless crippled monkey’. And you just admitted to cheating on me with [sister]
Girl 1: Umm… I’ve been dating her for 5 months, I only started dating you a few weeks ago so technically I didn’t cheat on you, I cheated on his sister with you?
Girl 2: Fuck you, you fucking bitch. We’re over. (Turning to me) Sorry about swearing and stuff. (To my cousin) nice glasses
She turned and stormed off. [Girl 1] let out a wild, animalistic scream. The dog was very confused.
Cousin: Maybe if you were nicer to people, things would go your way more.
The girl glared at us, I grabbed my cousin and we walked back home. My sister was obviously upset to learn that her girlfriend had been cheating on her, but my mom was furious. She called [girl 1’s] parents and had her come to our house and apologize to my sister, which I don’t think helped anyone at all, but it did mean that most of my sister’s classmates were scared enough of my mom that she didn’t get picked on. [Girl 2] and my sister eventually became good friends.

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