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I’ve been cutting and putting away fabric quite a bit today, because it’s busy and we’re a little short-staffed. I’ve been helping a couple try to do some math for a project they’re working on, and another customer comes up to have fabric cut, so I address her. When I finish with her fabric, the couple has finished doing their math and is ready to leave.

Wife: “I don’t want to forget my pen.”

She comes around the table to take the pen, and I simply wait, not sure what to say.

Wife: “[Church Name]. Oh, that’s not my pen.”

Me: “No, it’s mine. I like to make sure.”

Especially with the national pandemic happening, I’m trying to keep track of my own things around customers. I bring pens from home or church so that I know for sure that they’re not a customer’s.

Wife: “Guess I gotta say a prayer.”

Me: “Have a nice afternoon.”

Question of the Week

What is the absolute most stupid thing you’ve heard a customer say?

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