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I used to work for a company that had a tyrant for a HR manager, she bullied , she lied and she stabbed anyone in the back who she saw as a threat or didn’t like. I saw her change entire company policy because she didn’t like one of the staff members skirts.

She was utterly horrible, but because the other seniour staff hated confrontation, no one spoke up. she slowly changed processes to her way and didn’t write any of it down, making herself too valuable to fire.

Well don’t you know it, making peoples life hell means they don’t stay and a high turnover in staff is expensive and lowers the skill level. Covid killed the company she had put on the chopping block.

I know this because my boss just asked me if I knew her, that she was applying for a job with my company.
He tells me that he has never heard if me using so many swear words in one sentence, and he will make sure that shares (most of) it, with the recruitment team.

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