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(Because it’s relevant to the story, I’m a girl. When I was a child, my home country wasn’t the most LGBT+ friendly place. It’s a lot better now, to the point of equal marrige being legalise and same sex adoptions is currently being debated in the parliament. But when I was around 14-15 years old, the push for protection for LGBT+ members was still quite new and hot.
During the same time, I was ‘working’ in the my small town library/school for my mom, who was part teacher and part librarian. Not much, just help her every now and then with the books and get some pocketmoney from it.

During one of those days, I was sitting alone covering new books in a plastic wrap to make them last longer. While I was sitting there, one of the cleaning ladies walked by. Because of my mom, she knew who I was, so she greeted me in friendly small talk.)

Cleaning lady: *in a very bright friendly tone* “Oh, hi there (my name)! How are you? Have you gotten a boyfriend yet? Or a girlfriend, since that’s also ok now?”

Me: *being very shy, but surprised by her suggestion of a girlfriend* “No, not really…”

Cleaning lady: “Alright. Well, I hope you’ll have a great day!”

(And with that she went back to do her things. I’m not gay, but even at that age, I was very LGBT+ pro, so her little comment about me maybe having or wanting to have a girlfriend, made me happy. Here was at least 1 adult, who was supportive of LGBT+ matters, while (it did seem) the rest of the adults and elder were using very harsh and horrible words against it.
15 years later, I’m still thinking of this tiny little moment with foundness.)

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