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My coworker has a weird outlook on life, he seems to act like everyone’s issues are minor and so simple.
I find it really grating , not only is it condescending but as he butt’s in before anyone else can answer , it stops people getting actual support.

One morning I arrive at the office clearly tired, my boss chats to me and asks why.

Me: oh nothing really, my youngest had a bad dream and got into bed with us.

Coworker: (butting in) simple, just don’t let her. Tell her to get back to bed.

Me: well I am not going to do that am it? She’s four and was really upset

Coworker: well if you want to get a decent night sleep.

Me: sure, whatever. (I look at my boss, we exchange glances. I roll my eyes)

Coworker: what?! That is exactly what I would do, instead of complaining about things all the time.

Me: (I wasn’t even complaining, besides i’d rather have a rubbish night sleep then have my child crying all night to herself.) You don’t have kids, so thanks but no thanks for your advice.

On reflection it was pretty harsh, but he did at least stop trying to give me ‘advice’ on how to run my life after that.

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