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, | Unfiltered | May 3, 2023

After arguing with my husband one of my favourite ways to blow off steam is to go onto real estate websites and look for far away properties to move to alone. I think it stems from my parents taking us to see properties for sale, they never bought any but it was nice to daydream about what room would be yours. I think they did it to get some time away from my Grandmother because when she moved in with us the places they looked at were in a completely different state, the further the better, since her passing they rarely do it.

Just the other day there was news of a stabbing, three streets away from where I lived, this affected me mentally as last year my son was stabbed during a mugging. My coping mechanism was to choose a far away area and start looking for houses for sale there. I ended up with a list of properties and handed them to my husband, something I had never done in the past.

Later I realised that this time was different, usually I look at areas my husband would hate to live, this time I was actually planning to take him with me.

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