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I am a teacher in a secondary school with a 6th Form, so kids aged 11 – 18.

Sunday night
‘H’ sends a message to a group chat, telling us he has tested positive for COVID19. He says the school is aware, he just wanted to let us know as soon as possible. We wish him well.

We hear nothing from the school, at all.

An email goes out to all staff. The subject of the email is ‘covid policy update’ but it is only a few lines long, and says we must only self-isolate if we have symptoms ourselves, or there is a positive test within the household.

Radio silence from the school. H lets us know he is doing well. Nobody, including the person who shares his office, has officially been told of the positive test by the school.

An email to all staff states there have been ‘uncomfortable rumours’ and also states only symptomatic staff should be absent.

An email to all staff states any positive cases would be disclosed to those who are highly vulnerable as per the risk assessment. Only the Senior Leadership Team are allowed to see the risk assessment, because it contains “sensitive data”

Saturday and Sunday
No communication from the school at all

An email to all parent to say a positive test has been reported in one year group, and that yeargroup is being sent home. Email to all staff saying there is no elevated risk to teaching staff, but those who teach the child in question will receive a separate email. Nobody who teaches her, including me, gets this email.

Welcome to teaching in the time of covid folks. Be careful who is in charge of your workplace, they may well not be too keen to protect anyone but themselves.

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