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, | Unfiltered | April 23, 2023

I am on one of the front running vaccine trials. For the record, the protein in the vaccine is synthesized in a lab, as the majority of vaccines are these days. I am not being injected with Covid-19. My boss is a bit of a fake hypochondriac. One example is she cleans surfaces with tissue paper and window cleaner because of finger prints, but will leave her days old rotting food out for someone else to clean up. She is, naturally taking the pandemic in stride (aka bragging about how careful she is being with wiping down food but going out to restrauants, blasting the communal AC, and taking off her mask to speak). Someone in the office gets sick.

Her: I am telling you this because you drove them to work.

Me: Thanks. I’ll get tested but I feel pretty safe. [Employee] and I were both wearing masks, and my immunologist family member said the fact I experienced a fever and swollen lymphnods says I most likely had the vaccine over the plecebo. Which is a good thing to see if it works.

Her: What?

Me: I am on the vaccine trial. I told [Boss] so he knows. I had my last vaccine three weeks go.

Her: Well that explains where she got it from.

Me: Not really. They don’t actually use the coronavirus.

Her: *not paying attention* This is very troubling…

Safe to say, it came out, someone in this conversation was going out to bars with a friend who was waiting for results and it wasn’t me. My coworker tested negative, thankfully, and my test was negative as well. My boss is experiencing symptoms she waves off as allergies. Thank goodness she doesn’t come into the office often!

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