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To start with, the manager of my store at the time was a supervisor when I was hired. It was while I was working that I got my autism diagnosis. We had had a couple of supervisors that we had to hire from others and two of them were… lackluster to be nice.
This one was a supervisor who was previously assistant manager at another store and frequently cut corners that could hurt the products. The manager was also the only one who could fire me.

Super: When you’re done with this I need you to help (new employee) with the frozen stuff by taking a pallet out to the floor.

We aren’t supposed to do this because 1. It’s unprofessional and 2. I don’t like the idea of frozen products being outside the freezer for long.

Me: I’ll show the new guy how to stock the freezer but I’m not taking a pallet out to stock shelves. (We use carts for the freezer shelves that aren’t stocked from the inside. Some people just can’t handle the cold.)

Super: I told you to pull the pallet out, it’s faster.

Me: It may be faster but I don’t want the items to get warm. It’s why we use carts.

Super: But the carts are slower, just bring the pallet out!

Me: I’m not going to do that and I won’t teach a new worker improper procedure.

Super: Do you argue with all your bosses?

Me: Nope. Just you.

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