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(I got a job as a cashier at a dealership. I only handle the cash, nothing else. If they order a part, get service done, or buy a car, the customer will start off in another department before coming to me. I’ve been trained on most transactions, except returns because no one has returned anything when I’m working. It’s almost a week and a half before I get the chance to do a return. It should be noted that my uniform has not arrived yet, so I am wearing a polo that’s a different color from the dealership color.
A woman approaches the cashier counter.)
Customer (rudely) I need to cancel an order for a part. I don’t need it anymore.
Me: You’ll have to go to the parts counter.
(While she’s at the parts counter, I grab a coworker to help. By the time the woman is back at my counter, we are waiting for her.)
Coworker: Do you have your original receipt and the copy they gave you just now?
(The woman hands my coworker the papers, glaring at us.)
Coworker: Okay, so on the card reader, you’re going to hit “other,” then “refund.” And make sure it’s the same card they paid with. (to customer) Do you have the card you paid with?
Customer (Yelling): I know I need the same card! I went to college! I’m not an idiot! You don’t need to keep telling me I need the same card! I know I need the same card!
Coworker: Ma’am, I’m training her.
Customer: I don’t f——g care!
(My coworker just rolled her eyes and finished showing me how to do a return. The woman glared at us until we were done.)

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