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I worked in a gas station for a year and a half, and while it was mostly a crap job, there were some incidents that to this day crack me up. One such moment came on a Sunday night, while I was working with a friend. This married couple came up, with a bunch of snacks for a road trip. During the transaction, the husband asked for several scratch-off tickets, one of which was a crossword puzzle.

Husband, to his wife: “I thought it could be something to do together.”

Wife, dryly: “Why? The marriage wasn’t enough?”
She pauses, then picks up the small clock, which indicates the age limit for purchasing alcohol and tobacco, and says: “Oh look, our firstborn is now old enough to buy gambling and tobacco products.”

At this point, I can’t control my laughter, and neither can my coworker. I finally gain enough composure to ask the husband if he wants a receipt.

Husband: “No thanks, I don’t want anyone to know I was here.”

At this point, they left. In print, it may not sound like it, but it looked to me that their relationship was quite healthy, albeit rich in sarcasm. Thanks for the laugh, folks, wherever you are! I hope everything is well.

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