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I am at my sister’s house with my two-year-old daughter and my sister’s bratty six-year-old who thinks she’s a princess.

Niece: OW!

Me: Whoa, whoa, whoa, what’s going on?

Niece: (Daughter) bit me!

Me: (Daughter), that wasn’t nice!

Daughter: She tickle me!

Me: Were you tickling her, (Niece)?

Niece: Yeah, everyone likes to be tickled.

Me: Sorry, but no, not everyone likes to be tickled. Did she tell you to stop?

Niece: (blushing) Yeah.

Me: And did you stop?

Niece: No.

Me: That’s why she bit you. When someone tells you to stop something, you stop it right away. Now apologize to each other. You too, (Daughter). Say sorry.

Daughter: I sawrry.

Niece: (remains silent)

Me: Come on, (Niece). It’s two little words.

Niece: No, I did nothing wrong!

I spoke to my sister and her husband, and her husband made my niece apologize to my daughter.

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