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My husband went to the grocery store with a list. It included “rice cakes”. Beside it I included – in this order – the flavours: ketchup, sea salt & lime, and sour cream. He got everything except one item. After returning from work, I checked the fridge to see what he got. Apparently he got cream, which wasn’t on the list.

Me: Why did you get cream?

Him: It was on the list.

Me: I don’t remember putting it on there.

Him: Well, it was.

We decided to check the list I gave him because I did not remember writing it but I conceded it was possible I didn’t remember. Since I sdent him the list via email, I retrieved it from my sent items and he pulled up the list on his phone.

Him: See, it’s right here under “rice cakes”

I look at my copy. Under “rice cakes” is peanut butter. We compare the time sent/received. Everything looks right except this phantom line for “cream”. It then dawns on us. The line for “rice cakes” was too long to display on his phone as it did on my computer monitor and had wrapped around onto the next line.

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