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(While I was pregnant, I found a great deal on a crib and glider chair on a nationwide store’s website. I believe one or the other was being discontinued, and they had bundled both items for the sale. So I snapped it up while I had the chance.

I got all the email confirmations and shipping details just fine, but when the truck arrived, they only unloaded the crib, and had no knowledge of the chair that was supposed to be shipped as well.

So I went to the website to find a customer support email. And the website sent me in circles: Contact Us led to a FAQ/Help page, where the answers relating to missing shipment pieces did not “answer my questions,” so I clicked on “Contact Us” at the bottom of that, only to be redirected (again) to the FAQ page. I ended up having to Google search “(store name) contact email” or something like that. The email chain went basically like this:)

Me: I ordered (brand/style) crib and (brand/style) glider as a bundle from your site on (date). The order was shipped to me on (other date), but I did not receive the glider. The delivery driver doesn’t know anything about it; is it being shipped separately or just missing? My order number is (order number).

Support: I understand that your product came with missing parts. I have found options for you. You can either return the entire item for a refund, or call our merchandising center directly at (phone number) to request they supply the missing part.

(Well… not a missing piece. An entire item. But okay. I called the merchandising center, and they gave me a number for the manufacturer. I called that number, but apparently the number they gave was actually for an unaffiliated sales company located only in another state, so obviously they didn’t know anything about it. So back to email.)

Me: I attempted to reach out to the manufacturer, but was unable to find a correct number for them. Would you be able to reach the manufacturer for me?

Support: I’d be happy to assist. Since you already called the merchandising center and didn’t resolve your problem, I’m going to escalate this to our Customer Resolution Team.

CRT: Your issue was escalated to me, and I will be glad to assist you in any way I can. What was your issue?

Me: (basically a more in-depth repeat of the first email)

CRT: Okay, we’re going to refund your first order and issue a replacement order. Let us know if there is anything else we can do for you.

(Email confirmations came through, but worryingly, the shipping information was identical to the first, crib-only, shipment, other than the date of delivery.

A few days later, the delivery truck arrived on my street again. With bated breath and fingers crossed, I waited and watched as they unloaded… a box with a different shape! Success!)

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