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My state is one of the ones that enforces the use of masks in public. I’m not taking a stance on them either way or saying anything political, but I do have to wear one every day at work at a grocery store where I am a cashier. I typically have little patience for people that get upset with having to wear masks since they usually get angry with me and it’s not like I made the choice. But I keep my mouth shut when they complain to the people they come in with. However I thought I’d share a complaint about the masks that I found amusing. One day in the afternoon, a woman in her 50s or so comes in and is complaining and cursing about having to wear a mask. She is speaking to who I assume is her husband. I can hear her complain about how hard it is to breathe and how hard it is the breathe in the masks. This is her main complaint. Which I completely understand if there is a medical issue and I’ll admit the masks can be a pain when I have to stock shelves. She then makes her way to the register, still complaining to her husband. She looks to me and says “Six packs of Newports”. For some who may be unfamiliar, this is a brand of cigarettes. I pause for a second and am grateful she can’t read my expression. I think to myself “That might be why it’s so hard for you to breathe”. I instead respond “yes ma’am”, she checks out, and then goes on her way.

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