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I am 16, and I’ve just made a friend online through an online game. We’ve known each other only a few weeks at most, but we have been flirting almost non-stop from the beginning and I am quickly becoming enamored to him despite myself. During one of our calls, a friend of his comes over to hang out. My friend introduces us, and then decides to keep the video call going for a little while longer while he talks to his friend. They are sitting sideways to the camera, facing each other and talking, but my friend keeps sneaking glances to the camera (me) and smiling. At one point, when his friend is looking the other way, my friend quickly turns to me, blows me a kiss and turns back like nothing happened. I immediately start giggling. His friend turns to the camera and seems very confused.

My friend’s friend: “Wha… what is she laughing at?”

My friend: *with a wave of his hand* “She’s weird like that. She just laughs at things for no reason.”

Me: *gasp* “[Friend]!”

My friend: *giggles*

My friend’s friend: *utterly lost*

It took 6 years and 2 failed relationships on my part as I tried to have “real relationships” with people in “real life” before [Friend] and I finally decided to cross the literal ocean between us and give it a shot. We’ve been married 4 years now. He is slightly less silly now than he was when we first met. Only slightly.

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