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My youngest sister and I, while not looking all that similar in the face, look almost identical from behind when I let my hair grow out. Added to that, we have wildly different personalities. She’s fairly social and doesn’t like confrontation, I’m less outgoing but will absolutely deliver a verbal smack-down if I feel it’s warranted.

While my sister was in high school it became a habit of her classmates to run up behind her, pick her up, and spin her around while loudly bellowing her name. She didn’t really like it, but didn’t want to make a big deal about it. So she just put up with it until she graduated and moved off for college.

Shortly after she’d moved I got a job in the same town as her high school working at a gas station. Took less than two days to suddenly hear my sister’s name hollered behind me while one of her old classmates picked me up and spun me. I don’t like being touched. I REALLY don’t like being picked up like a doll and swung around by some random kid I’ve never met.

Thank god our boss doesn’t mind us telling people off if it’s needed! I straight up yelled at this kid to put me down and to never do that again. That and the sheer embarrassment of having grabbed a total stranger made this poor boy’s face turn a lovely tomato color while he stammered our an apology and ran off. Only took a few more instances like this before word got around that I was not my sister and grabbing me would result in yelling and/or physical pain if I was startled enough. (One of them picked me up without yelling and took an elbow to the ribs)

When my sister came home for Christmas she stopped by the store to chat. She started going on about how nobody had picked her up and swung her and how she couldn’t believe how much people had matured since she’d been gone! So I filled her what went on my first month working there.

Sis: “That was a little mean, wasn’t it?”

Cue the facepalm. Thank goodness she’s gotten better about setting boundaries since then!

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