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My grandmother had dementia for the last several years of her life. My mom comes from a big family and we would go visit her. Over the course of a couple of weeks she came up with an elaborate story about my uncle (who came out to her in the 1970s) that had most of us laughing.

At first my grandmother tells me and my mother that my uncle got married to a Jewish woman on Friday, and that his wife died in a car accident on Sunday. Then suddenly he’s dating her sister because she’s wealthy. Me, my mom an aunt, my grandmother and my cousin are sitting in a cafe in my grandmothers nursing home and were talking about the story

Aunt: did you hear the part that she’s black?
Me laughing: no I didn’t hear that part
Grandma: why are you laughing? its not funny.
Me: you do know Uncle is gay right grandma?
Grandma: So?

Later I message my Uncle to console him on the death of “his wife” and tell him what my grandmother said and his response was ” dang…. So my mother thinks I’m a gold digger”

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