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, | Unfiltered | April 4, 2023

I’m a trade school student on a lunch break. I’ve had a credit card for a few weeks and go to buy food from a nearby mall’s convenience store. I pick up a sandwich and a history magazine and go to stand in the line. When my turn comes, i rummage around my bag for my wallet, but can’t immediately find it.

Me: (to cashier) Hold up and i’ll get my wallet.
Cashier: Okay.

I don’t find it and start to panic, fearing hunger and public humiliation.

Me: I swear i had it just this morning…… (i had bought a water bottle at the bus station)
Cashier: You can’t find your wallet?
Me: (gives up) No. It’s gone.

I’m going to leave without the sandwich when the next customer, a middle aged woman, steps up.

Customer: (to cashier) Add hers to mine. It’ll be the day’s good deed.
Cashier does as the customer asked.
Me: (startled) I.. Thank you.

I get the food and the magazine, but i’m still on brink of tears because my credit card, my social security card, and my wallet itself (i’m very attached to it because i got it as a gift) are missing. I go around different kiosks and lost-and-found offices at the bus station asking if they’ve seen a black wallet with “New York” print and the cards, but nobody has. I retrace my steps (both the morning and lunch break routes) back to the school and ask the office workers and cleaning ladies, but i don’t find it. No word about my wallet yet. If i can’t find it within the school day, the cards will have to be shut down.

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