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One Saturday afternoon, shopping in the city and to allow my wife to look for clothes and shoes for herself, I took the kids to a nearby recent fast food import with a royal name. My sons were very enthousiast, my girl a bit less and was nagging that she didn’t like hamburgers. A lady, waiting with us for the traffic light to change looked at me expectantly but I shrugged it off, trying to think how I can keep all three kids happy. Suddenly I hear a conspiratory “Do you like fish sticks?”. My daughter loves fish sticks and I sigh inwardly, thinking that the lady should mind her own business. My daughter of course was nodding with vigour. “Well, you are in luck then, they do have fish sticks as well you know.” My daughters face lights up and she looks at me hopefully and asks if she can have fish sticks instead. I have no choice as to tell her that yes, if they have fish sticks, she can have fish sticks instead and hoping that the lady did not lie. Fifteen minutes later, my daughter was happily munching her fish sticks but I have to admit that without that lady, I probably would not have checked.

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