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(I’m not catholic, I practice witch craft. I don’t have any interest to go to church, no matter what, most people respect that I’m not apart of their religion/belief systems, and I respect that they don’t believe in my beliefs. But of course there’s always people who just want to shove their beliefs down your throat! I used to be “friends” with those types of “extreme christians” and this is one of my experiences with them)

Me: *casully finding info that happens to talk about witchcraft for a report*

Friend: you don’t actually believe that stuff, right?

Me: what’s so bad about witchcraft?

Friend: it’s evil!

Me: so my beliefs are evil, why?

Friend: because it’s against the Bible!

Me: not to be a a*shole or anything but, why would I believe a book that hates gays and equal rights?

Friend: it doesn’t hate equal rights!

Me: it clearly does, it also says to stone gays and non believers and it says that women are useless if they don’t have kids.

Friend: that’s the Old Testament! Besides, women are meant to have kids!

Me: that’s f*cked up on so many ways. I’m done with this conversation, if your not going to listen to reason, I have no reason to talk to you.

(A couple of days later, she seemingly forgot the conversation!)

Friend: so are you gay?

Me: *clearly surprised* why?

Friend: because I can’t be friends with you if you were!

Me: why the f*ck not?

Friend: cause then I know that you want me!

Me: b*tch, even if I was gay, I’m your FRIEND! If I wanted to be anything more I would’ve already asked. Plus you’re not my type.

Friend: *gasp!* you don’t think I’m attractive?!

Me: while I can admit you are cute, no way in hell that I would date you. You’re too religious and you never know when to stop talking.

(Man! Can’t wait to come out as trans to her! I wonder how she’ll react!?)

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