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(I’m a trans guy, which means that people often mistake me for female. I try to just correct them and move on, especially since I finally have a supportive friend group. However, this interaction on an already stressful day sticks out. The girl in this story is one I don’t know well, but have already corrected on my gender once. In the time I’ve known her, she’s been crass and vulgar to try to get a reaction, even when others seem ambivalent or uncomfortable. Note that the friend in this story is “fake married” to me (long story) and we’re both bi, but he currently has a girlfriend.)

Girl: “… So YOU,” *pointing to me* “have plenty of sex with your boyfriend.”

(I assumed she got “boyfriend” from the fake relationship with my male friend.)

Girl: “… And you,” *pointing to friend* “have plenty of sex with your girlfriend!” *Points to me*

Me: “Um, I’m a boy. My name’s [Definitely Male Name].”

Girl: *Blank look*

Me: “I thought we went over this?”

Girl: “Um, okay, so YOU,” *pointing to friend* “have plenty of sex with, uh, he/she.”

(I already had a lot going on today and didn’t feel like playing advocate. I left the cafeteria. A few minutes later a different friend came to check on me. She had told the girl to call me “he” after I left, to which the girl apparently responded that she sometimes “weirded people out” or that they couldn’t handle her. If the girl had apologized, I would’ve been fine, but she didn’t see anything wrong with what she said. There’s a difference between being “quirky” and “weird” and just being rude.)

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