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Unfiltered | August 20, 2017

A friend invited us over to her home to hang out and sleepover at night, and we were each on our laptops doing our own stuff. My husband was trying to talk to our friend, who was furiously banging on some keys on her laptop, ignoring him and generally being grumpy pretty much the whole night.

Later in bed:

Husband (angry): I’m never going to talk to her again. If she was going to ignore us the whole night, why did she invite us in the first place?

Me: Lay off her. She’s just upset she’s losing at Tetris.

Husband: I don’t believe you. No one gets this upset at a stupid game. And you did not even see what she was doing on her laptop.

Next morning:

Husband (confronting friend): Don’t ever invite us over if you plan on being sulky!

Friend (startled): But I was losing at Tetris!

Me (to husband): Told you so.

Husband and friend (gaping at me): How did you know?

Me: *grin*