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UK | Unfiltered | August 19, 2017

Friend #1 has just returned from the toilet.

Friend #2: You’ve been gone ages! We already finished our dessert.

Friend #1: Sorry, I “met up” with someone.

Me: You had sex?

Friend #1: *grinning* Yes!

Friend #2: You’re a lesbian?

Friend #1: No, with a man, silly! It’s unisex toilets.

Me: No it isn’t. I went before we sat down.

Friend #1: Oh, I wonder which one I was in then.

She went to the toilet again before we left, but she took so long we just left without her. About an hour later I got a text.

Friend #1: IT WAS THE MENS!

I can’t imagine what she was doing, because those toilets were tiny, and absolutely rotten.

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