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(I’ve always had chubby cheeks, which I used to be teased for as a kid. Now a teenager, I’m less self-conscious about them. I’ve met Friend barely a year before this, but we’re pretty close. One day she’s in the mood to make fun of me.)

Friend: Your cheeks are so chubby. Like a little baby.

Me: No they’re not! You’re exaggerating.

Friend: I’m not! Your face has its own shock protection. It keeps you safe.

Me: Very funny.

Friend: You’re like a hamster.

(I know she means no harm, but it upsets me a bit. She leaves, and comes back later holding a printed comic. She hands it to me. It is self-made, with plenty of pictures of hamsters and my name on it.)

Friend: It’s you!

(I say nothing, but this crosses a line and hurts me. She seems to realize that and back down. The day after that, we’re on the subway together.)

Friend: [My name], I’m really sorry about yesterday. It wasn’t nice, I was stupid, sorry.

Me: *immediately feeling better* It’s alright.

Friend: No it’s not. I saw the hurt in your eyes and I’ve felt terrible since. I’m truly sorry, I won’t say that again.

(Ten years later, I’m hanging out at her place.)

Me: I don’t think we’ve ever had a fight, did we ?

Friend: No, but we’d know how to hurt each other. I mean there was that one time…

Me: It wasn’t a fight though. You realize I got over it, right ?

Friend: *with dread* I didn’t. Never again.

(She have since asked me to be the best woman at her wedding, and I offered to be one of her future kids’ godmother. I don’t know how that little incident contributed to it, but she’s the most protective friend I got.)

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