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Georgetown, Texas, USA | Unfiltered | August 16, 2017

We are at lunch. Me and my friends are notable for having dumb arguments during lunch. This is one of the more famous ones.

Friend One: *hits friend two on the elbow*

Friend Two: “Ow. You hit my bone.”

Me: “That’s not a bone. That’s skin.”

Friend Two: “No. That hurt my bone.”

Friend One: “Yeah. That’s skin…”

Friend Three: “Well maybe it’s the tendon?”

Me: “No… It hits the skin first.”

Friend Four: (notable for being always on the losing side of the arguments) “Let’s say you’re all wrong.”

Me: “Shut your mouth. We are discussing science.”

Friend One: “(Friend Two), It touches the skin. It literally is the only thing we see on your arm.”

Friend Three: “No. You see the hairs.”

(Cue a mini debate on the things on his arms)

Me: “Ok. That’s besides the point. It touched the skin.”

Friend Two: “Well it technically touched the bone.”

Friend One: “No way. It can’t technically touch.”

(In turn we ask one of the school counselors for her opinion)

Counselor One: “I don’t know. Technically you’re all right. Let me get (Counselor Two.)

Counselor Two: “What is the argument over this time…”

(Brief explanation)

Counselor Two: “Ok. (Me and Friend One). You’re right. (Friend Two) you’re wrong. (Friend Three) You are wrong as well.”

Me: “Finally this dumb thing is over.”

Friend Two: “I still stand by what I believe…”

Friend Four: “Just no one speak.”

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