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(I was at the mall with my girlfriend and while waiting for her to get out of a clothing there store a woman was glaring at me for a few seconds before speaking up)

Woman: You really need to shave that thing.

Me: Excuse me?

Woman: That beard its hideous you should really shave it.

Me: Ok?

Woman: I’m serious it’s bad enough you’re fat but no girl will ever date with a combination of being fat and having a beard.

Me: …

Woman: you don’t believe me fine we’ll ask the next girl who comes out of that store if she would date a guy like you.

( At this point my girlfriend is coming out of the store)

Woman: Excuse me miss I know this might seem like a weird question but would you date that fat guy with beard sitting on the bench here.

Girlfriend; (looking confused)

Woman: well would you

Girlfriend: Excuse me miss but that fat guy with the beard is my boyfriend.

Woman: (looking at me) she’s just saying that to make you feel better.

Girlfriend: no i’m not i’m really dating him

Woman: well i guess you’re dating him because you’re ugly

Girlfriend: (getting angry) Miss i’m an amateur underwear model and after looking at you and judging by your attitude no self respecting guy wants to date you now go back home to your 15 cats and leave me and my boyfriend alone.

Woman: first of all I’m a married woman and lying about being his girlfriend is just rude don’t get his hopes up like that.

(at this point my girlfriend pulled out her phone to show the woman a photo of me and her kissing and this woman is in disbelief but is still being very rude)

Woman: oh well you should break up with him he’s no good for you.

(My girlfriend just flipped her off and we got as far away from that woman as possible. I also threw my arm around my girl and kissed her on top of her head as we walked away)

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