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Unfiltered | August 12, 2017

When just the two of us playing video games, my brother and I can get very vocal. Swearing, yelling, name calling, everything. The main game we would play is Black Ops. 2, with each of us leaders of a team of bots. Most often, we could be heard through the floor, and in the living room directly above us. At first, our family thought it was hilarious-minus our father, who most often doesn’t laugh- but then, it got annoying. Doesn’t help that both our mum and da are stubborn and bullheaded, and all four children are competitive by nature.

One night, after an hour and a half of us yelling and swearing at each other for a bit, stopping long enough to start a new game, or do whatever real quick, my da opens the door, and yells down,” enough of the F&$@ing game! Get up here now!” So, we shut down the system, and went up. We were then told that unless we could be more quiet, no more playing. Needless to say, the system wasn’t touched for a bit.

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