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Usa | Unfiltered | August 9, 2017

I’ve recently lost 75lbs, but still on the heavier side, though not obese. I’m taking vitals on patients, and one gets up to use the bathroom. Before they sit back down I politely state:

“If you are finished with breakfast, please put your tray in the garbage.” (We are not “allowed” to throw them away anymore after patients complained they weren’t finished.)

Patient: you don’t have to be rude. I’m almost 40. Grown ass adult here. Don’t treat me like a child. (To nurse about me) She’s being rude. You better control her before I really light this place up. I’m not even done yet and I have to throw this out.

Me: I’m not rude. I said IF you were done and please.

Patient: See? Another smart remark from chubby over there. if it wasn’t for people like me you wouldn’t have a job and be able to keep your figure. Your teeth are meant for chewing, not talking so shut up you fat pig.

While the patients tirade continued at anyone who they deemed “rude” I got the brunt of it, especially about my weight. But the other patients realized how much of a jerk the patient was being over a simple request and were amazingly polite for the remainder of their stay.

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  • Lou Miller

    Patient: “See? Another smart remark from chubby over there. if it wasn’t for people like me you wouldn’t have a job and be able to keep your figure. Your teeth are meant for chewing, not talking so shut up you fat pig.”

    Okay. So that’s a request for a rigid colonoscopy for followed by a castration without anesthesia.

  • Rachel Schmachel

    “Grown ass adult”? Bullsh*t.

  • TheBigBadWolf

    Disclaimer: Patient was an asshat made out of cactus. Nothing detracts from that.

    The way you phrased the first sentence does sound like an adult talking to a child. It’s something I would hear in daycares and preschools with the teachers/carers saying that to the toddlers and 4-5 year olds. All you’re missing is the word “sweetie” or “honey” added to it.

    • Katrin Schirmer

      then perhaps you would like to provide some alternative phrasing that you deem better?

      • Cerys Robinson

        Maybe use ‘when’ instead of ‘if’.

      • TheBigBadWolf

        I pointed out that the phrasing OP uses is often used by adults to kids. As a result, if you say it to another adult, it’s most likely going to come off condescending.

        • Katrin Schirmer

          and i asked if you had a suggestion that would convey the same request without that problem. so now that we’ve summarized our previous posts, what’s next?

          • TheBigBadWolf

            Maybe any phrasing that is not common for adults to use to children?

            Easiest things to change are add the please to the end and change “if” to “when”. The please in front of request is often used to children so they hear the request last but it still shows them the importance of saying “please”.

          • Creativerus

            So if OP would have said “please” at the end of the sentence and changed “if” to “when”, you are 100% sure the reaction of the patient would have been soooo different… I realy doubt it and your “suggestion” is not very good.

          • TheBigBadWolf

            How about you read next time.

  • AsaeAmpan

    Right, you can shut up right now before I have your A$$ for verbal assault. THis is all being recorded due to it being a hospital and you WILL be charged for it, am I clear you overgrown manchild?

    • Patrick Mccurry

      If you can’t take harsh words, then you not only are incapable of working in the medical field, you literally cannot work with the public. While some people make a lifetime out of being an ass, everyone is one at some time.

      • Akamar

        There’s harsh words, and there’s ongoing verbal assault, you build a think skin, you imagine rocket boots to the face for the other.

  • Kitty

    Don’t get on the wrong side of the nurses. They are the secretaries of the hospital. Piss them off and you will probably be sitting in your own filth longer than needs to be.

    Shorter version: STFU or I will stab this catheter VERY unpleasantly into your urethra. No lube.

    • Patrick Mccurry

      Mean words always demand violent felonious assault. Why just shoot them full of lethal levels of drugs while your at it?

      • Katrin Schirmer

        because i don’t want to go to jail for murder?

    • Hahn Ackles

      Definitely a corollary of “Never insult someone who is holding in their hands something critically important to you.” XD

  • Maria Hammarström

    And no one told her to behave like a civilized adult human being instead of an adolescent potty mouth?

  • Amy Susan Fisher

    Never be rude and unpleasant to medical workers; they’re the ones with the drugs.

    • Kristen

      And the sharp implements

    • Celoptra

      even good patients can have crappy nurses (a ex-nurse is in jail (sort of) for murdering several elder folks using insulin)

  • Gnomer Denois

    It wouldn’t have been ok for the patient to go on that tirade even if OP weighed 400 or more pounds, so I’m not sure what purpose the information about recent weight loss had to do with anything. As long as it was healthy weight loss, good job, but it’s not really necessary info. From the way this patient sounds, they would have used the same arguments to anyone that they thought weight was the sore spot they could pick on regardless of it said person was fat or chubby or not.

  • Nurse Callie

    Kind of bothers me how many people claim this patient deserves to be neglected or cruelly treated during procedures… It really shouldn’t matter how cranky someone is, you still have a duty of care and need to treat them like anyone else.

    • Dave Harmon

      In practice, most nurses are amazingly forbearing both by regulation and temperament. Also, the thing about hospitals is, unlike in a store, you can’t just throw a patient out or ban them. Some patients see this as an opportunity to get away with cr*p that they couldn’t do on the street.

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