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Australia | Unfiltered | July 31, 2017

I’ve been looking for a new place to rent and I’m using a website that’s designed to help people find accomodation. I find a place that looks good, message the tenant, and we arrange for me to come and take a look at the place.

I walk in and she leads me to the kitchen where her housemate is cooking. The housemate turned around to greet me, and then we realised we knew each other.

It took us all a moment to stop laughing at what a small world it is and continue with the inspection.

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  • Andre5000

    Today, I bumped into someone I knew.

    Condensed that entire story for ya !

    • Raltizal

      This could shock a lot of people, but I’m gonna risk it, I happen to bump into someone I know every day! Even when I’m not at work! Man, I’m sure I just blew OPs mind with that one.

  • Kitty

    And then you didn’t get the place, after all, cause they refuse to allow nepotism.

  • Maria Hammarstr√∂m

    And just why would the rest of the world be interested in hearing about how you met someone you know the other day?

  • Shalamar

    My mother-in-law tells “stories” like this all the time. Hers are boring, too.

  • Arimarie

    The only thing that would make this interesting is if you knew the housemate from Sydney and you both wound up in the same apartment in Perth. If this is the same town that you know each other from then this is a non-story.

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