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I live in a city, but near a huge wooded area.

My chihuahua is afraid of the recent fireworks so he doesn’t like evening walks and wants to go right back in the house. I circumvent this by carrying him down the street and letting him walk home, making pit stops along the way.

I was carrying him, when he started struggling and whimpering. I looked down the street and saw a huge animal walking towards us. It was far away, so I merely turned and brought the dog home and put him in the house.’

Instead of watching from a window or catching him on our two home security cameras, I thought it would be a good idea to stand on my front steps and take a picture of this BOBCAT as it passed my house. My front porch is six feet from the sidewalk

In my defense my front door has six or seven steps leading to it and I have pepper spray.

Fortunately, the bobcat is wiser and ran off when he spotted me.

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