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I was an employee at a liquor store years ago when this happened. I was the only employee and was managing the register when 2 young women entered; they were wearing the uniform of a local restaurant that I had also previously worked at. (We are all white women, it’s important to the story) We striked up a seemingly friendly conversation about our shared experiences of working as severs as well experiences in the food industry in general; especially the horrible tipping custom and the horribly low hourly rate when this happened.
Me: It’s so hard working as a server! You can literally do everything right and still get no tip!
Customer #1: Exactly! We’re only making $2.50 an hour without a tip!
Customer #2: And we’re right across the street from the college! So you KNOW we never get tips from them!
Me:Oh right! Because they’re b…
Customer #2 interrupts me aggressively: Because they’re black!!!
Me, absolutely gobsmacked and speechless for several moments: Are… are you serious? That was a really racist thing to say! I was going to say “Because they’re broke college kids!!!”
At this point Customer#2 has gone completely red in rage and begins yelling at me: You know it’s true! Black people don’t tip!!!
Customer #1 has lost all color in her face and looks mortified; she snatches her friend’s arm and begins pulling her out the door.
Customer #1: I’m so sorry about her! That was racist and she’s wrong! I’m so sorry!!
I personally have always hated when racist white people assume because I’m also white that I’m also racist. BLM. Also as a last laugh at Customer #2; as she was being dragged out of my store shouting; there were no less then 5 black people entering; all of whom were locals and frequently at my store!

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