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Malaysia | Unfiltered | July 1, 2017

(I love writing and tend to write a lot of fiction for fun/as a hobby. I’m talking to a friend who also enjoys writing. While we met in person, we live in two different countries that are far apart and therefore keep in touch via instant messaging. I’m female and he’s male. He’s trying to convince me to make a character exactly like him for the fun of it, but I’d been saying no for various reasons. I told my best friend what he was asking me to do and she said it was a great idea; I sent him screenshots of what she said, with a message saying I’m still on the fence.)

Friend: But, you’ve got two people still egging you on in this!

Friend *a moment later*: Here, how about you do me, and I do you?

(There is a pause as we both realise the implications of this.)


Me: -blinks-

Me *a moment later*: Holy sh**. No thanks.

Him: Anyway. Ignoring that…


Him *trying to fix his mistake*: How about you write me and I write you…?

(We laugh about it and carry on. I took him up on the offer of writing the other, eventually, so I guess that’s going to be interesting.)

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  • Wendigone

    So basically you allowed yourself to be pushed into doing something you didn’t want to. Cool story?

    • Dsru Bin

      You must have gotten to the end of the story; I lost the chain in the middle and could be arsed to finish it.

      • Wendigone

        It wasn’t worth the effort. I read it all because I was bored and came out of the story even more bored.

  • Storm Fury

    Hopefully more interesting than this sh*tpost.

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