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, | Unfiltered | February 23, 2023

Before me in line is a somewhat elderly woman and she is arguing with the cashier. I do not get exactly what the fuss is about but it seems that the lady does not want to accept the rule of only two coupons per purchase. After a long, drawn out argument, the lady gets her items voided one by one and finally leaves.

When it is my turn, I notice that the cashier is b wearing a face mask (as is currently mandatory) which has the word “SMILE” printed above a grinning cat face.

So I talk too her.
Me: “At least, this mask helps you keep your simile,even in situations like this!”
Cashier: “You should read the whole print…”

So I look closer and indeed there is more text below the cat face. It now reads: “SMILE! You can’t kill them all!”
I could totally understand…

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