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My grandmother lost het husband around 2001 and this story takes place around 2010. She considers herself still young (in her mid 80’s) and goes out daily to enjoy life. One day, she sits down at a bus stop, to wait for the bus. An older gentleman sits down next to her.

Man: Hello

Grandmother: Hello

Man: What a lovely weather we’re having, right?

Grandmother: Yes, it’s nice

Man: Do you also need bus [number]?

Grandmother: Oh, no, I need bus [other number]

Man: Ah, okay… *after a moment of silence* On your way home, to your husband?

Grandmother: Oh, no, my husband died years ago.

Man: Ah, I’m sorry to hear that…. *another moment of silence* Say… why not come with me?

Grandmother: … Excuse me?

Man: Well, you are a widow, I am a widower… we could get married? I mean, you seem nice….

Grandmother: Oh, eh… no thank you…

At that moment the bus arrived and she hurried off. She called my dad when she got home (she had and still doesn’t have a cellphone), telling him she got proposed to by a stranger at a bus stop.

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