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Ireland | Unfiltered | June 24, 2017

(Rag Week is supposed to be a week of fundraising activities in third-level colleges (RAG = Raise and Give), but it’s typically just a week-long drinking session. It has just started in the town I live in with a rave during the daytime in a nightclub in the middle of town, and I happen to be going home as it is ending. A large group of students at varying levels of intoxication are walking the opposite way to me, and one of them nearly walks right into my baby daughter’s stroller.)

Student: “*Sidestepping at the last second* … THAT IS ONE CUTE BABY!!! DID YOU SEE HOW CUTE THAT BABY WAS??”

(I’ve seen much worse in my ten years here, but this one sticks out a lot…)

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  • Maria Hammarström

    So, basically, once upon a time, a drunk person nearly walked into your baby stroller, thought your baby was cute, and you thought this was such an amazing event that the whole world needed to know about it.
    You don´t have much of a life, do you?

  • Isa Frostborn

    Cool story, pal.

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